Judo Techniques and Tactics

Studding of Judo techniques and tactics is a diverse subject. When Dr. Kano created his Kodokan Judo on top of tradition Japanese jujutsu the one of his objectives was to codify selected techniques to make studding of the art more manageable. Studding of Judo classification is as well part of Judo technical studies.

On judo-for-self-defense.com Judo technical elements grouped in the following way:

None of this (with partial exception for formal Judo classification) can be studied by the book alone without participating in dojo training with qualified instructor. To avoid the temptation, I’m not putting any detailed explanation of the concrete techniques on those pages (with exception for wrist grip release as illustration of tactical principals). 

Judo and self-defense instructor can (and I hope will) find those pages beneficial as he’s refining his instruction curriculum.

Students can find questions they need to ask their instructor and to get themselves on the right learning path.



href="http://www.judo-for-self-defense.com/judo-classification.html" target="_parent">Classification

        Types of classification

        Does classification matter?

        Judo Canon

    Types of unarmed techniques

        Defensive vs. offensive technique





            Throwing; Types of throws

                How many throws exist?

            Joint locks

            Point pressure


            Chokes / Strangulations

        Breathing – its role and use in combat

            Risk and opportunity

            Breathing do and don'ts

        Movement and mobility

            How to walk: baby-steps vs. leaps in close combat