The learning path:
Judo Training,

People starting martial art and Judo training for many different reasons at different points in their life and under different circumstances. While some schools can afford the luxury of grouping students by background (mostly in kids’ classes), very often you’ll have at the same time on tatami variety of people with little in common other the desire to be your student. The differences in physical skills and reasons for coming into Judo class makes personalization of training the key to your success as instructor.

Therefore, for instructor it’s critical to understand difference between Judo training, teaching of Judo, and Judo (and self-defense) coaching.

  • Training is a process of occurring and improving physical and mental skills in performing any particular set of activities. In case of Judo it’s performing Judo techniques under adverse conditions (the “real-life” scenario) when basic knowledge of those techniques already exists. Training is covering improvement of physical coordination, muscle memory, and special and general physical conditioning needed to raise successes rate in execution of a particular technique or success in a specific tactical scenario.
  • Teaching of Judo is a process of passing the Knowledge of Judo to the next generation of martial artists in all its complexity. Not every Judo instructor and, even less so, self-defense instructor (running for-profit club) engaged in Teaching. More often instructions are limited to training and coaching.
  • Coaching is a process of creation of personalized technical set and personalized trigger events and control points that raise student’s over-all Judo and/or self-defense performance.

To understand the differences and applicability of those three instructional activities can be make-it-or-break-it for individual instructor’s success and student retention.



    What is Training?

        Training vs. Learning

    Teaching vs. Coaching

        Goals of Teaching

        Goals and methods of Coaching


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