Judo personal training

As I’m referring to Judo personal training, I’m not implying one-on-one private lesson (popular Hollywood method of superman / superwoman production). Even Judo is individual sport and self-defense is a very lonely activity, effective training requires diverse training partners. Personalization of training is adaptation of techniques to the unique physical and psychological qualities of each student should be primary instructor’s task even in a large class.

While the ideal class size isn’t always possible, instructor in a large class should create groups and subgroups by physical level and establish cross training and rotation schedule within and across such groups. Keeping written record is always a good idea.

Physical skills assessment is the only first step in this direction. Psychological assessment is especially critical in self-defense class as you should expect more psychological diversity then in pure sport or martial art classes (where you may expect students with similar and shared interests).

The ultimate goal of personal training is to assist (and make it possible for) each student to develop a customized technical arsenal on crown technique level that will suffice for his or her needs.

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