What is Judo?
Is it good for self-defense?
Judo in the world of Martial Arts.

How many judo styles exist? Is it a sport or a martial art? Is it for self-defense? What is it? Why it made so much of a “buss” a century ago for as long as 60+ years and then has been subsided by other “cool” things (like karate, kung-fu, aikido, you name it)? Is it worth starting with this old and not-so-exiting sport discipline now, when you can affiliate yourself with much more glamorize things like fearsome Gracia family Brazilian jiu-jitsu, bloody mixed martial arts, undefeatable Indonesian-Chinese kuntao, or deadly Filipino kali?

The answer is: depends.

Depends who you’re. Depends where you standing in your life. Depends what you’re looking for.

It’s not a good thing when a honest answer to a simple question depends on who is asking it, but so it is.

As the smallest boy in my class all the way from a kindergarten through a high school in a somewhat bad neighborhood (five minutes walk to a bus stop was a daily scary experience), I was dreaming of learning miracle fighting techniques that will allow me to turn on a dime and to “pay back” all my miseries. When I enrolled into the university my dream turns true: physical education was a required subject and, as been small statute and lightweight, I was invited to join our highly regarded judo team (lightest and heaviest weight categories are always in demand). It happens 30 years ago.

After two years no one dare to mess with me and my dreams of revenge lost their appeal.

After three years I started to bring results in tournaments.

After six years it got into my blood and I need it for sake of itself.

When I started with judo it was just a good luck and I had no idea what I’m getting myself into. It was time before Google and good books ware hard to get by. No, I don’t want to change my life back then, but for my son I want to be able to know and do things that I wish I was able to. And I wish he won’t go through all the trouble I did…

This is in a nutshell why and what this site is about.

To explore judo-for-self-defense.com click on Table Of Contents link or see the blog page for the latest published pages.

Thank you for coming in and enjoy the site!

Judo on Judo-for-self-defense.com - Table Of Contents
Judo on Judo-for-self-defense.com - Table Of Contents
Judo Styles and Styles of Judo
Judo styles. Place of Judo in the world of Martial Arts.
Judo Styles
Kodokan Judo and other judo styles
No-judo Judo styles
No-judo Judo styles
Combat Judo
Combat Judo - in old times and today
Self-defense Judo
Self-defense Judo...
Types of combat
Types of combat - armed and unarmed. Combat vs. self-defense.
Sport for combat training
Sport in self-defense and combat training
The learning path: Judo Training, Teaching, Coaching
The Learning Path - well hidden secrets of effective Judo training
Judo for kids
Judo for kids - benefits and risk in kids' Martial Art training
What is Judo book value?
Unaccounted number of martial arts and judo book titles has been published over the years
Judo Techniques and Tactics
Judo Techniques and Tactics in sport and self-defense
Self-defense and Judo Tactic
Basics of self-defense and Judo tactic
Judo Classification
Martial Arts and Judo classification: its types and roles.
Self-defense & Judo book review
Self-defense & Judo book review
Judo links
Collection of Judo links to Web resources
Judo-For-Self-Defense FAQ
Judo-For-Self-Defense.com FAQ
Judo-for-self-defense.com Publishing News Blog
Judo-for-self-defense.com development news...
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