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Those are a plenty of martial art and judo book titles has been published by this day and sure more to come. Any attempt to create comprehensive list only for English language editions will render many pages and would be pretty much useless. And what is about other languages? French, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, German all have long standing tradition of publishing original and translated works. With widespread martial arts and judo popularity any language with established publishing tradition sure can come up with its own list of translated and, in some cases, original works that worth a look. More than this, some translations may differ from originals in a meaningful way and, in some cases, including original “add-ons” in form of comments, appendixes, or entirely new chapters that makes it in-fact a new book. How to make sense out of this multitude?

I already gave up collecting “all” martial arts and judo books long time ago. I still have my collection and from time to time I’m adding new titles to it.

In the book review section of my site I will touch only books that stand-out somehow, aren’t widely available, or have something about them that tempts me to put my comments on.

I would not review “Kodokan Judo” by Jigaro Kano (written about 30 years after Dr. Kano’s death by top of Kodokan alumni and includes roughly 30 page preplace from Kano’s pamphlet written in 1930th) not because this book not worth reviewing, but because it was reviewed too often. Nor I’ll review “Judo Canon” by Kyuzo Mifune even it’s tempting to point out that it’s include feet-lock technique that aren’t part of the nowadays Canon.

Judo and judo styles

Books in this section are about Judo, SAMBO, and BJJ.

Traditional Martial Arts

This section is for non-Judo traditional martial arts. Some titles are about specific systems, but my primary focus is on topics of general martial art, such strategy and training methods (the "whys" and "hows").

"The Way Of Kata" by Lawrence A. Kane and Kris Wilder


Books on self-defense covering a wide range of topics. The primary attention is to strategy and tactics.

"Martial Arts Techniques for Law Enforcement” by Mike Young

"Vital Point Strikes: The Art and Science of Striking Vital Targets for Self-defense and Combat Sports" by Sang H. Kim

Military H2H

Books on H2H covering specific military strategy and tactics. It's important to see difference between military H2H and self-defense.

Combat sport

Books on combat sport addressing sport styles (like Olympic wrestling) and training methods that can/should be used in sport and self-defense training alike.

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