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Multiple martial arts, self-defense, and Judo links are used in all over site. This page means to concentrate links to the most valuable (by my very subjective jugging opinion) Web resources in one place.

Some of those sites are well known and popular while others deserve well more attention that they're getting (as I can judge by traffic statistics). Those underrated sites are often non-commercial or representing small non-profitable schools that run by good martial artists. Making those sites better known will benefit all of us. So, pay them a visit and, if you'll like them, vote for by making a link and recommending to others. This way interesting sites will get better standing in the Virtual World and more people like you will find them and will benefit from from it.

This list is by no means complete and will never be ...

Judo and judo styles

Links to Judo, SAMBO, and BJJ resources.

'' of Neil Ohlenkamp is the excellent source on general Judo related information. I have links to its various pages in many places on my site. Articles on are not only authored by Neil Ohlenkamp, but also retrieved from archives of top level Judo experts and highly respected personalities from Westerners like Donn Draeger and to pupils of Dr. Kano such Kenji Tomiki (who also was student of O’Sensei Morihei Ueshiba and founder of Tomiki style of Aikido). In short it's excellent source on historical Judo information, its formal technical set, and modern Olympic Judo development. Important: sees Judo in its narrow definition as it formalized under Kodokan and IJF.

Traditional Martial Arts

Links to non-judo traditional martial arts: information on specific systems as well as topics on general martial art subjects, such as strategy and training methods (the "whys" and "hows"; such information is rare on the Web and often subject of advanced in-person training; sometimes it's covered in printed titles).

Bob Orlando Indonesian martial arts school website is very obscure. According to it has negligible traffic (as of August 1, 2011). And this is very unfortunate as Mr. Orlando gives out a treasure trove of knowledge for any martial artist regardless of his skills, rank, and style. My only reservation is Mr. Orlando's views on using knife for self-defense (read this page on my site). However, if you're interested in knife fencing, his knife drills are the best I ever saw.

Wing Chun Life is a relatively new site presenting very traditional Wing Chun style of old Chinese kung fu in Western terms. It shows that even such demanding (and often misunderstood) style as Wing Chun can be successfully integrated into our daily life. This site has good technical/instructional pages and growing community that adds it additional value (some of discussion treads became very informative on their own rights).


Resources on self-defense covering a wide range of topics.

Macs "Animal" MacYang '' site is the best overall source on personal self-defense. It's not covering much subjects of traditional or modern Martial Arts styles, but down-to-Earth issues of common sense personal security that often overlooked, or - even worse - grossly misunderstood. I can't recommend this site high enough - it's a must read for anyone who takes his and his loved ones safety seriously and for any martial artist who wants to stay out of trouble. Macs "Animal" MacYang wrote number of books (some of which I'll review), but his is head-and-solders above anything he wrote. In some public forums (and book reviews) I see critic of his (by some accounts) exaggerated credentials, but it's absolutely irrelevant (even if it's true) in the view of excellent information he's providing on his site.

Military H2H

Resources on military H2H systems and methods. It's important to see difference between military H2H and civilian and police self-defense.

Combat sport

Links to combat sport sites. The most popular (and big money-maker) nowadays combat sport is MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). It's important to understand that even its called "Martial Arts" it is a combat sport with its strict rules and limitations and can't be used as-is for self-defense training.



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