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Mixed Martial Arts tournaments is a very popular nowadays spectacular sport. It makes Big Buck for cable network channels. The big muscular tattooed gays are fighting each other over blood and broken noses.

I’m nobody to tell other people how to make a living. However, from the martial arts and self-defense perspective…

…For accidental viewer it looks like a real fight and makes to think: “If I can fight like them, I’ll be undefeatable and no one will mess with me.”

Well, maybe. Just look first through the criminal records how many law obeying (and not only) fearsome boxers and "cage" fighters where killed in street altercations by knife of gun using thugs.

From the self-defense perspective using MMA approach as a basic training model is caring more problems then benefits . I will address the specific points on the relevant pages of this site

From historical perspective MMA tournaments it’s continuation of a long tradition of “no-hold-barred” entertaining fights: from accent Greek pankration to old school London Price Ring bare knuckles boxing to early-20th century jujutsu price fights.

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