Boxing in the world of
Martial Arts

Fist fight was arguably the first mode of inter-humane issue resolution. Boxing, as a combat and sport discipline, saw strong development in Accent Greece and Hellenic states.

The modern times, as a sport discipline, it's taking start from “Tottenham Court Road” school that James Figg opened in 1719 on Oxford Road in London, UK.

From its start boxing was described “noble science of defense”. And at its roots it surely was (with reservations to its sporting nature).

Boxing changed dramatically over last tree hundreds years from bare knuckle no-hold-bared combat to highly restricted sporting event.

In this 300 years boxing evolved from static exchange of fist blows and kicks helped by grabbing and take-downs to “scientific boxing” of Daniel Mendoza that introduced the foot work, to “failing steps” of Jack Dempsey , to “butterfly” foot-work of Muhammad Ali .

On this way introduction of Marquess of Queensberry rules in 1867, that bared grapping and mandated padded gloves, changed both, attack and defense techniques.

Despite of limited and sport oriented nature of the modern boxing, it’s developing crucial combat skills that, correctly incorporated, benefit any martial artist regardless of his chosen style.

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