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Open weapon vs. concealed weapon in self-defense

Use of open weapon vs. concealed weapon, lethal and non-lethal, in personal self-defense: the differences and implications.

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Less-lethal Weapon in Civilian Self-Defense

Less-lethal weapon: are brass knuckles, collapsible baton, paper spray, and taser safe to use in civilian self-defense?

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Knife Defense

The most profound error in knife defense is to confuse it with knife fencing

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Female Judo and woman self-defense training

Sport female Judo and woman self-defense training. How it's related to each other?

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Martial Art vs. (other) Martial and Fighting Arts

What makes a Martial Art different from other Martial and Fighting Arts? How to choose an Art...

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Woman self-defense training

Woman self-defense training has many chalenges...

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What is Judo

What is Judo? How we can define it?

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Modern Martial Arts vs. Traditional: Krav Maga vs. Karate

Modern Martial Arts vs. Traditional Arts, Krav Maga and Systema vs. Karate. When modernity becomes tradition...

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Judo Canon

Judo canon, its origins, and its role in Judo as sport and as Martial Art

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Judo training methods & methodologies

Judo training methods & methodologies

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Judo kata

Using kata training in traditional Martial Arts, and Judo kata specifically, is one of most misunderstood - or maybe the most misunderstood - aspect of traditional Arts...

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Judo Styles

Kodokan Judo and other judo styles

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Kids Judo training

Starting lifelong kids Judo passion should not be a difficult...

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"The Way Of Kata" by Lawrence A. Kane and Kris Wilder - book review

"The Way Of Kata" by Lawrence A. Kane and Kris Wilder - book review

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"Vital Point Strikes" by Sang H. Kim - book review

Vital Point Strikes by Sang H. Kim - book review

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"Martial Arts Techniques for Law Enforcement" by Mike Young - book review

Martial Arts Techniques for Law Enforcement by Mike Young - book review

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Hard vs. Soft self defense

Hard vs Soft self defense techniques in civilian self defense classes

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More about McDojo

More about McDojo...

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Judo belt ranking system: Kids and Belts

Judo belt ranking system: Kids and Belts...

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Judo for kids

Judo for kids - benefits and risk in kids' Martial Art training

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Nukite, "spear hand", atemi strikes in Judo combat and self defense

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Judo chokes

Judo chokes and strangulations and their place in martial arts and self-defense

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Joint locks

Joint locks techniques and their use in self-defense

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Judo atemi

Judo atemi - strikes in Judo and how it different from other martial arts.

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Judo training schedule

What is optimal Judo training schedule? Class size?

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Judo training cycle

Judo training cycle: from-simple-to-complex-to-simple

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Hapkido - Korean martial art

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Threat of force vs. use of force

At the gunpoint: threat of force vs. use of force

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Okinawan karate was introduced in Japan in 1930th

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Police self-defense

Police self-defense is the most diverse and technically complete and complicated self-defense curriculum

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Military Combat Systems

Military combat systems in the old days and now

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Chinese Martial Arts

Chinese martial arts

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Judo training & learning

Judo learning & Judo training. Role of The Teacher in learning Martial Art of Judo.

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Judo training

What is Judo training? Role of Judo sport training in Judo Martial Art training.

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80/20 combat training

Principals and applications of sport Judo based 80/20 combat training

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Self defense coaching

Self defense coaching. Making a fighter from non-fighter. Teaching and coaching self-defense.

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Self defense training

Self defense training: is it oxymoron? How it is possible to train for unexpected?

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Does Judo Classification matter?

Role of Judo classification in development of the art. Native-language classification...

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The best combat sport for self-defense

Combat sport for self-defense training: the best and the worst. What makes combat sport suitable for self-defense training...

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Combat sport and real combat

Relations between combat sport and real combat. Is combat sport training helps in real combat?

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Combat sport and real combat

Relations between Combat Sport and Martial Art. How Martial Art became Sport. And what Combat Sport contributes to Martial Art.

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Judo Classification Types

Judo classification types, there distinctive properties and roles

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Judo Classification

Martial Arts and Judo classification: its types and roles.

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Types of combat

Types of combat - armed and unarmed. Combat vs. self-defense.

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Goals of Judo Teaching

The Goals of Judo Teaching as raising the New Generation of Judo Masters.

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Sport for combat training

Sport in self-defense and combat training

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The learning path: Judo Training, Teaching, Coaching

The Learning Path - well hidden secrets of effective Judo training

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Judo crown technique

Judo crown technique and its role in sport and self-defense training

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