Self defense training: what is it?

As training is a way of preparation for handling expected scenario, is notion of self defense training makes any sense? Self-defense is, by its own definition, unexpected scenario (if it’s expected then situation should be re-classified as pre-planed hostilities). However, a lot of people participation in self-defense training. So, what they are training for?

In our daily life risk to personal safety comes in a few variations matching set of patterns. Those patterns aren’t the same across the Glob, but within a single place they aren’t vary much.

Marc “Animal” MacYoung is discussing such patterns on his web site.

Self-defense training should be based on use of those patterns and should be therefore specific to geographic locality.

Using wrong set of patterns can cause more problems then benefits. Building civilian self-defense curriculum based on military H2H (hand-to-hand) training is one of the common risk arias as goals and methods of civilian self-defense and military CQC (close-quarter-combat) have little overlap (outside of specific individual techniques rooted in traditional martial arts and combat sports).

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