What about Martial Arts
and Judo book?

Unaccounted number of martial arts and Judo book titles has been published over the years. Not all of them worth paper they printed on, even less your money, but some are good and some are exceptionally good and some even become their art major milestones.

In our modern civilization the way to transfer knowledge cross generations is by writing and in martial arts it can’t be different.

You can’t learn Judo from Judo book, but good books never even intended to achieve such goal. Martial art book can have several valid goals: (1) to define training methodology; (2) to define basic technical arsenal as intended for instructor not for student, even it’s rarely, if ever, explicitly stated; (3) to define common terminology; (4) to publish rules and regulations; (5) to publicize live stories of art prominent figures and their views; (6) to define art’s artifacts.

The Judo books review page I’ll talk about books that worth it. The review page is never intended to be complete by any means, but to address limited number of titles based on my absolutely subjective and unfair selection.


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