Do any Judo book have value in so "physical" subject as combat sport and self-defense?

My first book on combat sport (it wasn’t even Judo book, but book on Greek-Roman Wrestling) I got on my second year of training. When I talked about it on a rest break between training blocks, my teammates started to laugh: you can’t learn Judo from a book. My day was saved by my coach: he said about me that I know my craft well enough to be able to pick a tip from a book. He also said that if I can learn one tip from a book, this book worth its money.

Yes, you can’t learn Judo or any other martial art or combat sport from a book. Pictures of techniques worth not much without qualified instructor that can explain them with all tiny invisible details, check that you doing it right, and point you your mistakes.

However, when you already know your art basics, good book can help you to train more productively. On the book review page I’ll talk about some books that worth it.

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