Crown technique: personal technical arsenal

Development of crown technique in self-defense even more critical task then in sport Judo or wrestling: when in sport you can concentrate and be successful (up to certain level) using favorite, but not ‘crown’-like, techniques, in self-defense when under stress of imposed fight in unfavorable conditions (it’s always this way) you must act on intuitive, reflexive level – witch means you must use your crown, personalized techniques, and witch means you should have at least one crown technique in each self-defense tactical group.

Looks like an unbearable task for a new-starter, but this where personalized self-defense training (don’t mix it with individual training) comes in play.

Let’s talk first about more challenging task: developing personal (“crown”) sport Judo technical arsenal.

First question:

How many crown techniques good Judo master should have?


Top Judo masters (as well as wrestling and other combat sport masters) have anywhere from one to twelve crown techniques. The median is two-three. This is OK for sport Judo as the competitive top level sport fight is all about getting to the position to execute the crown technique (if on the way to such position you performed some other technique, this is excellent, but not much expected and, most probably, result of your opponent’s error).

Second question:

What about self-defense? How many self-defense moves should be trained on the level of crown technique?


Self-defense fight is short. The tactical situation is imposed on you by type of attack, you assaulted with. You don’t have much time and opportunity to prepare and adjust tactical situation for applying your favorite, crown, technique (if you do, it’s already not self-defense, but fight and fight, ether in a dojo or on the street, has its own tactical rules – see above). So, you need to have train to intuitive application level (a.k.a. crown technique) one defense move from each typical defense group – defense against punches and hand strikes, defense against kicks, defense against grabs and head locks. It will make your self-defense training plan consists of five or six high priority technical moves witch is looks like manageable plan.

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