Judo technique:
types of unarmed techniques

When a new beginner comes into Judo class his eagerness to learn Judo technique is concentrated on throws, arm locks, and chokes. It’s true that those three groups form the bulk of Judo unarmed technical arsenal. However, they not exist in isolation. Supporting techniques, often invisible for amateur eye, such movement and breathing techniques more often then not make or break successful application of throws, arm locks, and chokes. In combat Judo striking is also a supporting technique, that not getting enough attention: even it’s shown in kata in self-defense Judo classes, it’s often seen in isolation, but not as an integral part of throws and arm locks (as it done in Aikido for example).

Judo unarmed techniques form three main technical domains:

Combat and self-defense Judo study adds one more supplementary domain:

Study of Judo combat technique for self-defense should include subject that rarely seen at all: evaluation of offensive vs. defensive techniques and their applicability in self-defense.


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