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I know next to nothing about Indonesian martial arts. The whole reason for this page existence is to place link to Bob Orlando Indonesian martial arts website. Those aren’t many martial artist around who is good as Mr. Orlando in getting to the real fundamentals of their art. And if and when it happens, it provides vast benefits for all martial artists, regardless of individual style. I spend a lot of time on Mr. Orlando website, much more, in fact, that I could permit myself (*). My first encounter with his ideas was when I ran across Orlando’s “Martial Arts In America” a bookstore, witch is excellent overview of the topic that reaching far behind what title suggests. Then I ordered “Indonesian Fighting Fundamentals”. I‘m very impressed by Mr. Orlando’s knowledge and his ability to filter seemingly unlimited traditional material into basic principals that create solid base for intelligent martial artist to build upon. By doing this Mr. Orlando addressed the very core problem of teaching traditional martial arts: overflow of information. This is exactly same problem that Dr. Kano addressed, while he transformed jujutsu into Judo, by defining Judo principals (such balance control, etc) along with Judo techniques.

Having said this, I should add that I can’t agree with Mr. Orlando on all subjects, he touching on his website.

One case I want to point out due to its importance and potential ramifications: using knife for self defense and knife drills.

1. Knife is NOT a self-defense weapon.
2. Knife drills, presented on Mr. Orlando site, are NOT self-defense drills,
     but knife fencing applicable to knife duel scenarios only.

This is a very important point because misunderstanding of it can land you in a jail for a long time with very poor perspective for the future.

(*)  I’m not affiliated with Mr. Orlando and have no commission
      for promoting his site.

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