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Hi there! I'm glad to see you visiting my judo-for-self-defense.com site.

Let me briefly to introduce myself:

You can call me Leo (shorten for Leonid). Kodokan Judo and Russian SAMBO are among small list of my great passions. I'm less interested in keeping up with the sport scores in tournaments, but more in their qualities as Martial Arts and tools of self-defense (ability to defend oneself is still important even in our, historically very safe, times). As I saw high level of misunderstanding (and plainly false statements and "urban legends") presented in the public domain, I had to add my "two cents" to the clearing it up. Sure, my views can be seen as controversial if not plainly offensive in some cycles. But I'm standing behind my views as long as nothing better is offered to me :).

It will be great if you can contribute to this discussion. If you have comments or questions, I would be happy to discuss it or to give you the best answer I can or to point you to better sources.

In order to provide comments you only need to give your first/given name (it can be your alias, if you prefer full anonymity; however, submissions under offensive aliases will be ignored - see Code of conduct terms bellow) and your country (those fields are marked with * symbol). Your last/family name, city, state/province, and even email address are optional. Sure, I'll need at least your email address if you want me be able to contact you back, but it still optional.

I'm giving you my word that no personal information, that you'll give me, would be used in any way without your explicit permission.

Language of submissions:

Myself I'm fluent in three languages. However, judo-for-self-defense.com site is written in American English and, therefore, it's preferred language for comment submissions, even British English comments will be welcomed without any reservations :). Any other languages will be accepted as long as they supported by Google Translate.

Code of conduct terms:

The only conditions for your comments are to be (1) respectful to others and to be (2) within generals scope of judo-for-self-defense.com site (no political commentaries, please - I have other blog for this :). I'm reserving for myself the right to disregard and to remove your comments if they will violate those two simple rules.

Also a note:

As I'm maintaining judo-for-self-defense.com in my spare (from 8-to-5 full-time job and family chores) time, I can't promise to react to your comments immediately, but will do it with a "reasonable" time :).

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