Sport Judo self-defense training

Do you need sport for self-defense training? I think answer is “yes”, and Judo self-defense training is effective way to get into physical shape and develop important combat skills at the same time. I see it been optimal chose for two groups of students: young people, who want to get active in sport and get self confidence and self-defense skills, and for career military or law enforcement professionals.

If you selecting sport Judo style with aiming to self-defense training it worth to consider its core technical set in relation to core self-defense technique. Using judogi in Judo self-defense training should be considered, but not overstated. Adding more emphasis on non-self-defense ground fighting techniques can benefit career police officers.

Participation in tournaments is optional, but very important part of Judo training as it provides skills validation and partner diversity.

Physical conditioning is an important part of self-defense training. So, the alternative option is non-sport classes that combine fitness and self-defense based on other non-grappling styles, such “may-tai for fitness and self-defense”, “karate for fitness and self-defense”, “krav-maga for fitness and self-defense”, and alike.