Military Combat
Civilian Self-Defense


Even goals and methods of military combat and civilian self-defense are different, many military systems successfully advertised for civilian self-defense training.

The advertisement based on renowned military unit / force name recognition like British SAS, American Green Beret or Navy Seals, Russian Specnaz. Alternatively, it can be system developed within military renowned for its fierce tactics, like Israeli Krav Maga.

Its mostly creates no problems as such training done as half-fitness half-self-defense and learned combat skills rare if ever applied in practice. However, it’s instructor’s obligation to explain to his students the difference between military combat and civilian self-defense and to show limitations of effective, but brutal military techniques and how they can bring there user to the wrong side of the law.

Well, not all instructors qualified to do so (well, you need to know a bit more then just your combat style specifics), but awareness should be developed among students of martial arts and self-defense.

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