Disadvantage of using
self-defense weapon

Along with its benefits bearing self-defense weapon (ether specialized non-lethal like paper spray, or general purpose like handgun) cares its risks.

Over-relying on weapon makes one even more vulnerable, if he found himself without it. You always have it with you? Well, you're not suppose to get out of your car without the car key. You tell me it’s never happened? Also, you may loose it in struggle or it may render un-operational. What about Federal buildings, schools, public parks, court buildings, and hospitals where arms not permitted? I made my point – as law abiding citizen you can find yourself unarmed for variety of reasons and in variety of places.

Feeling more vulnerable can communicate itself to potential assailant and can increase your risk to become a victim.

Also, weapon can be taken from you and be turned against you.

On the other hand, Judo (in its various forms) often called “invisible weapon”. You’ll never forget home your bare-hand self-defense skills; you’ll never leave them at any security checkpoint.

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