Unarmed self-defense

Unarmed self-defense is the subset and superset of unarmed combat skills. Confused? It’s subset – because some offensive unarmed fighting techniques should never be used in self-defense. It’s superset – because in order to understand and effectively use unarmed techniques in self-defense, you should learn, understand, and be trained in use of offensive unarmed combat techniques and in weapon defense and you have to understand limitations of, otherwise effective, combat techniques in self-defense (like why sport Judo chocks aren’t self-defense techniques and why BJJ tactics aren’t applicable ether).

Self-defense training will make you more confident and for this reason alone, as self confidence communicate itself, will reduce your risk of becoming a victim of random violence.

In my middle and high school years I was often a victim of my physically stronger pears. But as I got confidence in my university SAMBO / Judo training, no personal altercation ever became full-out fight as I lost appearance of a victim and became someone to be taken seriously, as no bully in the World wants to start fight he my loose.

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