Armed self-defense

Referring to armed self-defense by law abiding civilians have two benefits: (1) personal – you have better chance of overpowering assailant in defending yourself and (2) public – if weapon expected to be cared, it works as detergent to common criminals to assault any members of public, that may or may not be armed.

Self-defense weapon can be of two kinds:

1. General purpose weapon used in self-defense, like handguns, shotguns, batons, etc.
2. Special purpose non-lethal self-defense weapon, like paper spray and Taser guns or stun weapons.

Sure, any weapon can be used in defense and in assault, but this is general classification. Please note that I’m not listing edged weapons (see “Knife is not a self-defense weapon" ), nor the weapon of opportunity (such baseball bat or work hammer, as I’m addressing it separately).

As this site is about unarmed Judo self-defense, I’ll add only that weapon by itself won’t help you, unless you train in use of it.

Relying on weapons in self-defense has both, positive and negative, aspects: see advantage and disadvantage of using weapon for self-defense.

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