Club, baton, and stick defense

Sticks are common means of spontaneous and pre-planed violent attacks. In stick defense important is not to block strike it with your bear arms: your arm bones not as strong as a wooden plank or a steel pipe. In the block you should target wrist of the stick holding arm. In the poking attack you should deflect the strike and get grab on the attacker’s weapon.

Defense against stick can and should be trained in dojo in the core self defense training. Commonly used soft-wrapped sticks are good approximation of the real attack weapon (much better then rubber knife approximation of the real knife ).

Defense against baton or club is about the same as against stick.

Defense from a shovel is technically more like defense from stick then from ax, but shovel blade can be sharpen, witch turn it into blade weapon, and you need to take same care as in ax defense .

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