Weapon Defense

Unarmed weapon defense is a difficult subject to address: on one hand it’s unwise to say that nothing can be done by unarmed citizen against armed criminal since defining yourself as a helpless victim will do you no good at all, on the other hand arms giving attacker significant leverage that better to avoid then challenge. Fortunately, in a stable country, where government is successful in exercising its monopoly for use of force, scenarios when unarmed person needs to defend himself or herself against armed assault are rare and often can be avoided.

However, things happened and, even most of us not likely to face it in our lifetime, its better to be ready (as its feasible) then be taken by surprise when will find ourselves at gun or knife-point.

Traditional military hand-to-hand combat manuals addressing unarmed defense against bayonet attack. Those techniques became standard in fixture in combat Judo , Combat SAMBO , various styles of jujutsu , and Aikido arsenals as all those systems rooted in the military combat . However, this site is concentrated on civilian self-defense and therefore I won’t address it, even some of those techniques developing skills beneficial in overall Judo training (that I’ll address on other sections of this site ).

The weapons that I will talk about are:

In any case of unarmed weapon defense two things are of primary importance:

  • Get out of assailant’s weapon effective zone
  • Change the equation in your favor by leveraging your surroundings and weapon of opportunity


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