Sumo wrestling - Japanese traditional martial art

Sumo is the foundation of Japanese martial arts tradition. Even the Foundation Legend of Japan is invoking this traditional wrestling style .

Based on known historic references, at the beginning Sumo had no limitations and the fights often turn deadly. It puts it in the same realm of catch-as-you-can as accent Greek pankration , old school London Price Ring bare knuckles boxing , or modern Mixed Martial Arts (corrected for “modern” – means no deadly force allowed on the ring).

Nowadays professional Sumo is highly regulated and ritualized sport that relaying on fixed set of codified techniques . I like to watch top league Sumo matches and I never was disappointed by quality of techniques and always was able to learn something. To learn about wrestling, about balance, about speed, about attack, about defense, and, after all, as a coach to learn about heavy weights’ techniques that I, feather weight, can’t really try my-self.

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